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Computer sewing machine sewing parameter to realize computer control

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This is the sewing parameter quilting sewing process (sewing speed, line, line tension) computer control.

The need for computer control of the sewing speed parameters during the formation of quilting stitch. Machine quilting sewing work according to the needs of speed to be adjusted.

Quilting stitch forming process, because the bottom line of lock stitch in the affected by the bobbin thread size, how much control the bobbin thread amount allowance, guarantee the final sewing not missing line stop sewing, sewing quality influence. Therefore, to the bobbin of quilting machine line weight allowance parameters of real-time control, alarm, stop shuttle core. Quilting stitch forming process, in order to satisfy the different material feeding requirements, in the process of differential feeding, need to have the actual control of different differential feeding amount of sewing different. As in the suit cuff technique, sewing process control requirements of different differential feeding amount of sewing different by computer control, to ensure the stability of the suit of the cuff technique. These are quilting sewing machine sewing parameters to realize computer control, parameter control is an important means to improve the sewing quality. In the process of work sewing machine needle bar, take-up and hook line agencies have gradually realized the computer control, the device is built 2 driving mechanism, feed mechanism, needling quilting machine take-up machine as a motor drive, hook line machinery for another drive. The needle bar mechanism and thread taking up mechanism of formation of surface line ring, to ensure that the hook line machinery complete wire ring, a bobbin thread taking up mechanism to quickly accept line, and that line hooking mechanism in line ring well received material at the bottom. These two institutions are composed of 2 different drive motor to synchronous coordination management.

Quilting process blindstitching take-up machine and hook line machine to realize computer control, is the inevitable trend of modern high-tech development.

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